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Setup a New Account

  1. Open Settings, then scroll down and select Mail, then Accounts.
  2. Select Add Account.
    Android Screenshot Step 2
  3. Select Other.
    Android Screenshot Step 3
  4. Select Add Mail Account.
    Android Screenshot Step 4
  5. Enter your Account Details

    • Name: Enter your name.
    • E-mail:Enter your E-mail address
    • Password: Enter your password.
    • Description: This is how you will tell this account from others setup on this device.

    Click on Next to continue.

    Android Screenshot Step 5
  6. Select IMAP for the account type. Then click on Next to continue.
    Android Screenshot Step 6
  7. The server settings are the same for both the incoming and the outgoing sections. Enter the following in both places.

    • Host Name: mail.shastaemail.com
    • Username: your E-mail Address
    • Password: your E-mail password

    Click on Next to continue.

    Android Screenshot Step 7
  8. Disable the syncing of Notes, then click on Save.
    Android Screenshot Step 8
  9. Select the account you just added. You can recognize it by the name you gave it in step 5.
    Android Screenshot Step 9
  10. Select the account to open its settings.
    Android Screenshot Step 10
  11. Select Advanced at the bottom of the screen.
    Android Screenshot Step 11
  12. Double check the mailbox behaviour. The following are special folders and your device may need help mapping them to the correct IMAP folders on the server. You will need to select each one in turn and ensure it is mapped to the correct folder on the server. Below is a list of what these folders are normally named on the Shasta E-mail server.

    • Drafts Mailbox → Drafts
    • Sent Mailbox → Sent Items
    • Deleted Mailbox → Deleted Items
    • Archive Mailbox → Archive

    Although it is not selected above, it should be noted that the junkmail folder is another one of these special folders, and on the Shasta E-mail server it is named Junk E-mail.

    Android Screenshot Step 12
  13. You are now done. You can exit E-mail settings.

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