Upcoming Changes to Shared Email Domains

As part of our purchase of Shasta.com’s web and email services, select email domains must be discontinued and will not be available for use starting in August 2020. If your email address falls within one of those domains it will have to be changed. Why should I do it now?We understand the pain of having to change email addresses. But it can be ... Read More »

24th Feb 2020
Updates to the How To...

We are in the process of updating the How To... section of the prime42 customer portal.  Below are links to some of the articles that provide  instructions on using some of our services. Right now it is pretty much just E-mail, but we will be expanding this to provide information including other services as well. Stay tuned. E-mail How ... Read More »

16th Jan 2020
Information on Billing and Payments

Effective Saturday, September 28th the effected customers will begin seeing invoices for their services from Prime 42 LLC. The invoices will look very similar to what you have seen in the past from Shasta.com. If you are an existing Shasta.com customer and have already paid your most recent invoice, you don’t need to do anything. Your next bill ... Read More »

27th Sep 2019
Shasta.com Sells Website Development Business to Prime42, LLC

A letter from the owner of Shasta.com... I am writing to let you know that I am selling our Website Hosting, Development and Search Engine Optimization services to my number 1 employee, Marc Pinnell. Marc will be taking over that part of our business effective this Saturday, the 28th.Shasta will continue to offer connection services as we have ... Read More »

27th Sep 2019