Upcoming Changes to Shared Email Domains

  • Monday, 24th February, 2020
  • 15:08pm

As part of our purchase of Shasta.com’s web and email services, select email domains must be discontinued and will not be available for use starting in August 2020. If your email address falls within one of those domains it will have to be changed.

Why should I do it now?
We understand the pain of having to change email addresses. But it can be done, and with some planning, done fairly painlessly. To help with that pain we are offering:
    • Free migration of your mail to the new address
    • Your choice of a new email domain:
        ◦ norcalemail.com
        ◦ shastaemail.com
        ◦ todays.email
    • Free email forwarding from the old email address to the new one until August 2020
    • Free address change reminders to people sending you email until August 2020
    • 3 months free email for being an early adopter!*

Why should I stay and pay?
Support. Quite simply you can get email for less elsewhere, but what do you do when you have to setup a new device? Those free email providers don’t have a tech department you can call and get personal support – right here in the north state.

What do I need to do?
Decide on what email address domain you would like to use from the list above. Then contact us to get setup. Some changes to your current email access settings on your computer and/or mobile device will be required. We’ll handle the rest!

Please contact us right away at 530.691.0042 or support@prime42.net to reserve your new email address before someone else gets the name you want!

* Your next email invoice due date will be extended by 3 months

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